Friday, November 21, 2014

Power Date Dress, Weekend LS, Sequin Snakeskin Speed Tights, Yogi Crew Sweater, Rich Earth WU's, Pigment Weekend Warrior Tote, Mantra Tote,

Love the striped one! I'm pretty sure my store had all except the striped one yesterday. 

Water Bound Singlet, Ombre Wave White (In Australia and New Zealand)
I love this print. I'm definitely going to want the Water Bound Singlet and Water Bound Bra in the summer if it comes to North America. 

Sequin Snakeskin Speed Tights, Everything She Wants Vest (sized down?)

Cute vignettes of gift ideas in color groupings. 

Inkwell 105 F Singlet, Coco Pique Base Runner Pants, Sequin Snakeskin Speed Tights and More

My store had these in this week and the vitasea cotton felt thicker than other LS's we've seen. I need to try this on. 

Britt's Picks

Britt's Picks has had a bit of a makeover this week and I'm really liking it. I love that we have more of a write up with each product. My favourite item in this list is the Roll Around Tee. I'm gonna need that one. Also, Britt confirms that the double holiday uploads start up next week and we will see them happen on Tuesday and Thursdays, and if it follows tradition it will be two uploads a week until Christmas.