Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Find Your Centre Wrap, Muscle Hustle Tee, Here To There Dress

Find Your Centre Wrap

Muscle Hustle Tee

Very cute photos of the Here To There Dress

Find Your Centre Wrap, Rugged Blue Tonka Stripe Swiftly LS, Rugged Blue Tracker II Shorts

My ship notification finally came in for the Chilly Chill Vest I ordered last night, which is a relief since most sizes and colors are now sold out online. I was starting to worry that perhaps the vest sold out while I was having website issues. I later ordered the Bumble Berry Mesh Bang Buster (I noticed it later in the evening) and it still hasn't shipped. I love the mesh Bang Busters so much. I think I will return the Purple Fog 105F singlet. I like it a lot but I think I like the Inkwell 105 that the US got a bit more and I'm hoping it will come to Canadian stores soon. Purple Fog is just trickling in so I'm sure there will be other options for items in that color. 

Find Your Centre Wrap

Rugged Blue Tonka Stripe Swiftly LS, Rugged Blue/Inkwell Tracker II Shorts

Rugged Blue Swiftly layered under the Miss Misty Pullover

Rustberry Find Your Centre Wrap, Effortless Dress, Get It On Skirt, Bumble Berry Run For Gold 1/2 Zip

Rustberry Find Your Centre Wrap

Effortless Dress

Get It On Skirt

Bumble Berry Run For Gold 1/2 Zip

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Grey Here To There Dress, Effortless Dress

Grey Here To There Dress

Such a cute picture of the Here To There Dress. Hopefully the price gets resolved before it is uploaded to the Canada side in September. Although if it sells out I doubt they will correct the price. 

Effortless Dress
I waiver between liking this dress, and liking it because it reminds my of my grandmother. Yaya's in Spain where dresses almost exactly like this one. If they are widowed they wear them in black. If they have varicose veins they were knee high compression socks too. 

Rugged Blue Tonka Striped Swiftly LS


What an enormously frustrating upload today. I am so annoyed that they are getting the same feedback each week that the upload is not working for a vast majority of customers in Canada and yet, it hasn't been addressed yet. 

I managed to order the Blue Chilly Chill Vest to try on. I really like the white one but I think it would get really dirty really quick and also look a bit snowman like white side out. The Inkwell I think is a bit more wearable. 

Really loving the Purple Fog 105F Singlet. I'd love a solid CRB in this color. 

Here To There Dress on the US upload only. YUCK on the $40 increase in price. 

Hey Lulu, The Website is Broken

If you are having issues viewing the upload, please post in the comments here. I'm seeing tons of people online are not able to view the upload on the Canadian site and unfortunately I don't think Lululemon is hearing us. I've posted on twitter to them using the #fixtheupload but this happens week after week and it is not isolated. You can also leave feedback here on this HeyLululemon thread.