Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Om & Roam Untight Tight, Find Your Centre Wrap, Run Pace Tight

Find Your Centre Wrap, Om & Unroam Untight Tight
I was kinda curious about the Om & Roam tight so opted to order it so that I could try them on at home. They are looking pretty cute so far in store photos. 

New Speed Shorts: Inkwell Sashiko, Gin Gin Gingham

Run: Pace Tights


WOW!! I am so pleased right now because this is the first time since November that I had zero issues accessing the website. Hooray! Ok, that is short lived happiness because Canada got the shaft of a few of the Britt's Picks items we were looking forward to such as the Bumble Berry Cool Racerback and the Inky Floral Roll Down Wunder Unders. I was able to order the Bumble Berry and use a US address because I'm heading there this weekend anyways but I hate doing that unless I'm already planning the trip. Since I ordered that off the US side I went ahead and ordered the Inkwell 105F Singlet I was coveting last week. I thought I'd like the Hyper Stripe Mauvaliseous CRB but decided I didn't. Mauvaliseous isn't as pretty is Purple Fog I think. 

Did you order anything? Did your upload go smoothly? 

What in the world!!????! #Ijustcan't

As I mentioned last week, the Fluffin Awesome Vest is online only. 
Beautiful liner!

US only beauteous CRB
Lucky ducks! US also got the Bumble Berry 105F Singlet. 

Almost Pear is an interesting color. I bet you it will look nice with Purple Fog

These are neat and kinda tempting! Diamond Dot Petal Camo!

Purple Fog CRB

Cozy Stripe Toothpaste 

Mini Camp Check Scuba

These are so pretty. Had they been crops I may have been very tempted to try them out. Looks like both Canada and US got these. Didn't see them on Canada side at first. 

Uk/Hong Kong Upload Sneak Peeks

Hyper Stripe Mauvalisious/Heathered Black Cool Racerback

French Terry Inky Floral Ghost Vinyasa

Plush Petal Scuba

Love the hood detail

New Scuba! Speeds in Inkwell Sashiko and Gin Gin Gingham, Om & Roam Untight Tight, Find Your Centre Wrap

New Scuba Hoodie. I love the script inside the hood. 

New! Inkwell Sashiko Speed Shorts

If I had to guess I'd call these Purple Fog Gin Gin Gingham Speed Shorts

Purple Fog Striped Energy Bra
Pretty! I think I'd love this stripe in a Cool Racerback

Find Your Centre Wrap

Om & Roam Untight Tight

New Run Tights. Also come in Bumble Berry Bordeaux Tonka Stripe version