Thursday, February 26, 2015

Britt's Picks!

Katelin's Britt's Picks is up! Nothing too earth shatteringly exciting (which usually means there will be lots of stuff uploaded) but I do like a few things. Gully Green is pretty exciting, and the Blue Tropics 105F Singlet. I'm very interested in trying out the new The Drizz Jacket but it is US only so I'll have to hope it eventually comes to Canada. The Fatigue Fo Drizzle Jacket will finally upload for the US on Tuesday.;whats-new

Harbour Blue On The Daily Hoodie

Mind Your Practice Toque

Run Swiftly LS's Harbour Blue, Scream Green, Plum Peach, Neon Pink, If You're Lucky Long Sleeve, New Energy Bra, On The Daily Hoodie

 I think this one is Caspian Blue but not totally sure.

A new Energy Bra

There are so many photos of the If You're Lucky Long Sleeve that I'm now just editorializing. These photos are awesome and I love how she's wearing the top.

On The Daily Hoodie with Neon Pink Swiftly

Heathered Plum Peach Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

Amusing Ebay Feed From Highest Priced Listing To Lowest